Facebook Fan Page

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Fan Page?

With 74+ millions Facebook Pages, the social platform is continuously evolving to benefit connected businesses with wider exposure and business brand building. As per data collected in 2015, around 40 million small businesses use Facebook as a medium to promote their brand and connect with their customers. They have their Facebook Page/s and if they want to stand out […]

YouTube Marketing

Know 4 Hidden Secrets of Efficient YouTube Marketing

YouTube can be a highly powerful and strong marketing tool, especially when it comes to small businesses that hold a limited budget. YouTube videos are a strong way to create a noticeable online presence. Here is a list of 4 YouTube secrets that you must know for efficient marketing. Learn All About It YouTube is […]

iPhone 8

Accidental Confirmation about the Size of iPhone 8 by Apple

The upcoming iPhone 8 has already started creating a lot of buzz. Various sources, dummy units and schematics had revealed that iPhone 8 is going to be bigger than iPhone 7 by nearly 1.1 inch. These speculations were not given any credit, but now Apple itself has confirmed this news. The information about the screen […]

Automated Software Testing

Is Automated Software Testing Worth the Investment?

Most of the engineering disciples include testing as an accepted practice. The process of testing is never thought of as a separate task, but it forms the core and the most integral part of the profession. Testing is always carried out with no exception. But when it comes to software development, the process of testing […]

bond investors

Tesla Receives $1.8 Billion Endorsement by Bond Investors

The balance sheet of Tesla Inc. received a $1.8 Billion boost from the bond investors. This was the electric car maker’s first bid into the junk US bond market where investors race to lock in companies with returns that are relatively higher than normal. But these high yields have recently shrunk because of deployment of […]

IT partner

Top 5 Tips for Choosing an IT Partner

There are plenty of IT companies out there that provide IT support for which the growth of your business is crucial. With so many out there, it can be quite a task picking what suits your business the best. Here are some tips we walk you through to make this daunting task a little less […]